Is a mobile game an effective method for educating young people about corruption?

Using innovative user research methods, the Tales of Neto team aims to answer this question.


Tales of Neto is a mobile game and web-comic which aims to educate young people about the dangers of corruption.


The game and comic was created at the TUMO Center for Creative technologies in Yerevan, Armenia. The game was created entirely by 15-22 year old students of TUMO, with the support of our technical and creative staff. Find out more about the game here.


The use of a mobile game to fight a social topic is not new. However, the model that we chose was rather unique in the sense that the messages of corruption were included in a 'fantasy world' designed to immerse players. 

Through established user research techniques, we aimed to discover if the messages within our game were understood by our audience. 



Given the innovation nature of the project - we wanted to explore the effectiveness of our mobile game. We aim to answer three key questions

To what extent is our mobile game a useful tool for conveying anti-corruption messages to young people? Were the messages clearly understood?


Would we recommend creating a mobile game to fight other social issues in future?  e.g. climate change.


What tips and advice would we give to other teams who are pursuing similar projects in future?


We used a combination of user testing, surveys and interviews in order to answer these questions.
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